Beaphar Hedgehog Food 1 kg

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Hedgehog Food 1 kg Beaphar Informasjon

Beaphar Hedgehog food is a healthy complete food exquisite ingredients that are tailored to the specific needs of the hedgehog. The balanced combination of important nutrients and essential substances such as fruits, oils and fats, cereals, seeds, molluscs and crustaceans is a power diet – rich in natural ingredients. Beaphar hedgehog food is made from the best raw materials and is made with natural honey.

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  • Hedgehog Food 1 kg

Bakery products, oils and fats, cereals, vegetable protein extracts, seeds (6%), fruit (4%), molluscs and crustaceans, sugar, nuts (1.5%), yeasts.

Additives/kg: Vitamin A 13000 IU, Vitamin B 17.8 mg, Vitamin B 25.8 mg, niacin 39 mg,  pantothenic acid 13 mg, Vitamin B 65.2 mg, Vitamin B 12.39 mcg, Vitamin C 16 mg, Vitamin D3 2500 IU, Vitamin E 20 IU, Vitamin K 4.2 mg, E1 (Fe) 1.9 mg, E2 (I) 0.046 mg, E4 (Cu) 0.025 mg, E5 (Mn) 9.75 mg, E6 (Zn) 2.28 mg, antioxidants.

The amount of food varies according to age and weight gain of the Hedgehog daily 2-4 tablespoons. Initially, the hedgehog should take 10 to 15 grams daily, later somewhat less. For a moderate, adult hedgehog of about 800 grams satisfy approximately two tablespoons of food per day. Serve your hedgehog the food in the evening in a tumble, shallow bowl. Food remains are disposed of in the morning and the bowl cleaned thoroughly with hot water. For supplementation we recommend seared, lean ground beef or cooked poultry meat. Similarly, boiled or scrambled eggs (without fat) is a popular additive meal. It is also suitable cat food from the can. 

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