• JR Farm Back to Instinct Active Carpet 175 g 4024344192258 erfaringer
  • JR Farm Back to Instinct Active Carpet  175 g
JR Farm Back to Instinct Active Carpet 175 g  kjøp billig med rabatt
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JR Farm Back to Instinct Active Carpet 175 g

  • Made of 100% natural material
  • Stress reducing and conducive for balance
  • Placed in a natural fibre tray covered with hay
  • 175 g
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Back to Instinct Active Carpet 175 g JR Farm Informasjon

The Active Carpet is:

  • supporting the enjoyment of the foraging instinct
  • supportive for the sense of smell
  • easy to dispose
  • to be filled in varying levels of difficulty for foraging

Back to Instinct:

Rouse your animal s primal instincts. Rodents and dwarf rabbits sniff out their food in natural surroundings, including in the ground. That s why you should also occupy your animal at home with the selfsufficient search for food and train its sensory organs at the same time. This activity not only contributes towards your animal s balance and stress reduction, but you will also have fun watching your animal. Depending on the desired level of difficulty, hide the provided, grain-free JR Grainless Drops at different depths in the fluffy carpet made of hemp fibres. The hemp mat lies in a natural fibre shell covered with hay, which can be completely eaten. So your animal can also keep itself busy unattended with the Active Carpet. Made of 100% natural ingredients.


Take the Active Carpet out of the package and remove the protective foil. Place the Active Carpet which is already filled with JR Grainless Drops in the rodent cage and watch how your animal starts the search for food. Once all snacks have been found, you can refill the Active Carpet. The level of difficulty for the animal can be controlled via the insertion depth.


  • 1 hemp matt
  • 1 natural fibre tray covered in hay
  • JR Grainless Mixed Drops, 20g
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  • Back to Instinct Active Carpet 175 g

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